Disaster Response Training Guide

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Disaster response training guide Response actions for students One the tornado watch has been issued through the school's official radio or the other available communication channels, the following should be the next steps to be taken by the students in order to ensure safety. Before All students should keep off windows and doors. Adhere to the direction of the management on safety Head to the central assembly point as directed by the management Conduct a roll-call to ensure all are in the designated assembly point. Do not rush for personal belongings that may be far away. Ensure the feeble or students with disability are helped to the assembly point. Carry cell phones, radio and flashlights of available. Designate an individual the first aid kit and ensure everyone knows who has the first aid kit. During Keep to the interior corridor of the buildings far from the windows. Avoid venturing to the lobbies, walkways or any other places with large roof spans. Crouch down against the wall and keep your head protected against any possible debris using your hands. The students should remain sheltered within the designated areas until such a time that the rescue workers, the administration or any other authority assures them that it is safe to venture outside. The students should never try to outrun or outdrive a tornado homewards. Always ensure you wait until the tornado is clear and a safety signal given. After If you had taken shelter in a building
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