Disaster Risk Reduction Should It Be Done?

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Question: Why should disaster risk reduction be conducted in secondary school? How should it be done?
Tsunami Aceh 2004 is real evidence that Indonesia needs to avoid disaster, economic, environmental and generation loss. Brown (2005), the environment correspondent for the Guardian, reported about more than 700 thousand people lost their property and jobs since local industry was damaged. He also added that there was also a big change in the whole social structure as more than 7,000 children became orphanages. It can be claimed that the tsunami has massive effects not only on the social and economy of Indonesia but also on the environment as the tsunami waves destroyed the crops, removed topsoil, snapped trees, and levelled off the land (Latief and Hadi 2014). Even though Indonesia has experienced many disasters in the past, most of Indonesian has never known about the tsunami before Tsunami Aceh 2014.
The phenomenon of tsunami seems to be new for Indonesian at that time, but actually it is not. A tsunami is seismic sea wave, which reveals horrifying force of moving water and it is usually related to volcano eruptions, landslides, and earthquakes. Looking back in 1983, when Krakatao erupted, the tsunami was suspected as the cause of 165 villages on the West Java coast lost without a trace (Robinson 2002). However, the information about tsunami never reached all the part of communities in Indonesia for years. One of ways to trace the evidence for the lack information of the
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