Disaster in Franklin County Essay

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Disaster in Franklin County
Jennifer Wadsworth
Western Governors University

Disaster in Franklin County
Role of Major Public Health Personnel The roles of major public health personnel must be delegated properly in a disaster situation in order to facilitate effective action. In the incident presented, a chain of command was established and assignments given to the appropriate personnel based on their skills and experience. As a whole, this group reports to the Incident Commander, an individual that is responsible for managing the entire disaster operation and various teams involved in every level of disaster management.
In the first few hours following a disaster there are many things that need to be addressed. In the
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The public health nurse was able to help coordinate the delivery of necessary medications to those in short supply, enabling the patient to remain in their home for the time being. Safe food and water supplies would need to be addressed with homeowners. Information regarding the safe storage, handling, and preparation of food without power is a topic of concern. Inquiring as to any structural damage or flooding in people’s homes would allow the opportunity to provide helpful information pertaining to temporary housing, the need to boil water, and general personal safety.
The public health nurse should also be available as residents return to their homes after flood waters have subsided. She can provide basic health information to those with questions or concerns. In conjunction with other public health officials, the nurse can assist in providing information regarding proper clean up, disposal of hazardous waste, mold, and the safety of food that remained in the home while the residents were in shelters.
Public health officials, including the public health nurse, should be present at any informational meetings held for the public. They would be excellent resources for citizens that have questions regarding matters of health and safety and could supply written information for a variety of
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