Disasters Caused By Earthquakes And Disasters

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Introduction In the U.S. alone, the average annual cost to repair damage caused by earthquakes is $4.4 billion USD. The worldwide figure is much larger than this but unquantifiable due to poorer countries unable to accurately determine the amount of damage that occurred. Year after year the cost of damages barely fluctuates from these ridiculously high figures and money must be pumped into repairing the damage done. Although a lot is being learnt about earthquakes and the fact that humans are now normally able to be alerted in time to evacuate the area the earthquake will affect, there have been no breakthroughs into reducing the amount of damage earthquakes cause to buildings and infrastructures. This is not for lack of effort, there…show more content…
It’s this energy that causes the devastating damage seen on the news. Currently there are no ways of predicting when an earthquake will happen, and thus, they are very dangerous. While it is not possible to predict them, it is possible to measure their strength. The magnitude of an earth quake can be measured using a seismograph which measures the vibration in the ground. These values are then translated into the Richter scale, which is a numbering system ranging from 0-10. Each step in this scale translates to 31 times more energy than the last. This means it follows an exponential curve, meaning the larger the classification the more devastation. Magnetic repulsion works on the principle of using electro magnets to levitate objects. Unlike normal magnets, electro magnets are created by the movement of current through wires. This means that the strength of the magnet can be changed by increasing or decreasing the current in the wire. As well as this, it is possible to change the poles of the magnet. This is important as it allows the magnet to both push and pull depending on the current. Using the idea that north repels north and south repels south, if the ground were to have the same pole as the electric magnet, then the electric magnet would hover. This idea can better be seen in figure 1. Figure 1. Illustration of magnets being used to levitate a building. To make it possible for this
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