Disasters are Common Wonder in the Human Civilization

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A disaster has become a common wonder in the human civilization. It has been experienced by many even before time was recorded. Though it may appear in different forms, it has been proven to be a great challenge for society cross all statuses, creeds, communities, countries and continents. One of the lasts findings have suggested that the disasters have definitely increased in frequency and intensity. People have become more and more vulnerable to disasters of all types, which would include floods, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, plane crashes, hurricanes, shootings, forest fires, etc. Even with the advancement and progress of technological devices, the force of disasters has definitely changed. When these events arise, they exceed all preparedness and willingness of society and pose greater challenges than expected. The heat wave in Europe, where in France nearly over 35,000lives were claimed, In 2005-6, America had to face disasters in forms of hurricanes (Katrina, Ivan, and etc., )and tornados. Haiti in 2010, an earthquake claimed over 316, 000 lives and left over 300,000 injured and homeless. And most recently, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, killing 6,000 people and leaving 1,800 people missing. These events caused great causalities. All these events are sufficient examples to prove that disasters are not circumstances to be over looked. Whether it is a natural disaster or manmade disaster the effects and consequences are just as tremendous as the other.
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