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Discharge No one is charged with the killing of the six men in Hyde Park over the Fourth of July. However, there are consequences imposed that change the course of Johann’s life. It has taken two months for the completion of the investigations by the St. Louis Police Department and the U.S. Army. Immediately following the issuing of the army’s final report, he is ordered to report to Benton Barracks. He is certainly surprised to hear that he is being immediately discharged from the army. Despite having one year remaining on his three-year commitment, he is informed that he, along with every soldier in his battery and most of the men in his regiment, is being given an honorable discharge. Without fanfare, he receives his discharge…show more content…
Six months after being discharged from the army, Johann and Rike are blessed with the birth of their first child on February 24, 1864. He is given the name of Johann Carl Heinrich Voss. One month later he and Rike carry little Heinrich to St. Paul’s Evangelical Church to be baptized. Unfortunately, they have just enough time to get to know and love their 19-month old baby boy when he passes away on October 2, 1865. The funeral services are held at St. Paul's. With the conclusion of the services, their son’s body is placed in a horse-drawn hearse. A five-mile funeral procession transports Heinrich to St. Paul’s Churchyard on Gravois for burial. (L16A-B) (L150) (L235) Less than three months after losing Heinrich, they are blessed with the birth of another child. They name their baby Elise Lisette. Later in life, she will go by the English version of her name which is Elizabeth. She is born just two days after Christmas in 1865. One-month later Elizabeth is baptized at St. Paul’s. (Elizabeth is Orval Koehler’s grandmother and our direct ancestor) (L9) (L15) Another daughter, Maria, is born on March 18, 1867. Apparently, a serious health problem forces Johann and Rike to call for Maria’s immediate baptism on the day after her birth. Maria passes away shortly thereafter. One of the greatest traumas imaginable is when parents must deal with the death of a child. They have now had to face the deaths of two of their
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