Discharge Haulers On The Volga Analysis

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“Barge Haulers on the Volga”
People view and understand art in a vast way. Art helps us express out emotions, thoughts, and opinions. Human’s imagination and creativity skills are shown and view throughout art. Not only is art expressed through paintings, drawings but with dance, music, words people can tell a story. The art piece “Barge Haulers on the Volga” was created by Ilya Repin in (1870-1873). Throughout this paper I will be helping you understand this painting.
Repin was a famous artist from Russia many viewed him as the “hallowed symbol of national art”. Repin worked for Columbia University as an archaeologists and an art history professor. During the time Russia was still trying to find artistic identity; Repin helped established official Russian art style. He was born to a military family in Chuguyev, which is considering Ukraine today. Attending military school during 1854, which he meet Vera Shevtsova who became his wife for ten years. He was rewarded “Legion of Honour in 1901 and the “Academician” title in 1876. Ilya became the leader of the wanderers a well-known Russian travailing group.
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Petersburg art academy. The haulers appear to be pulling a large boat onto shore which seems to be deserted. Placing baskets that are broken in close shot indicating there could have been activity on the beach. He showed emotion through the tone, and color shades. With misty and dim color giving off a feel of loneliness and exhaustion. Repin used lighter colors to express day time. Giving off a feeling of sadness for the man Repin used more light shades among the group of men. Even with extreme heat the haulers continue to advance forward pulling the cargo. Throughout the group of men Repin shows emotion and contrast between each men giving them different personality. While looking at this piece a person can feel there emotion as if you are present in that time
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