Discharge Plan for Patient Who Underwent Total Hip Replacement

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Discharge Plan for Patient who underwent Total Hip Replacement (THR)
GNT1 Task2

This paper focuses on the discharge plan for patient who underwent the Total Hip Replacement (THR). The nurse, as a case manager, works with the multidisciplinary team to determine the appropriate discharge plan for the patient. The roles and responsibilities of each member are elaborated. The healthcare issues, the safety assessment are discussed. In this case study the patient lives alone during the recovery from the surgery, so the effects of social isolation and psychological factors on the recovery process are also explained.

Assessment of the Situation: After the
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Due to the gait instability, poor balance, pain and, muscle weakness caused by the hip fracture and the surgery, Mr. Trosack has to use walker for ambulation. However, he lives in a small cluttered apartment, the bathroom is also small with no safety equipments installed, and there are many scatter rugs, this home environment highly put him at risk for falls. Using walker as an assistive device for ambulation and not being able to independently perform daily activities like before, these are the adjustments to the lifestyle changes which can lead a psychological problem as he states “he is being disabled”. Due to the fact that he is living alone, if the discharge destination is home, the feeling of being disabled and the isolated living conditions, may lead to a psychological disorder such as depression. Therefore, the interdisciplinary team will need to consider the impaired mobility issues when planning for the discharge placement.
The interdisciplinary team works together to develop an appropriate discharge plan that meets patient’s goals, needs, and their medical conditions. The plan will also promote their independence in their activity of daily living as much as possible. Some of the healthcare professionals that make up the multidisciplinary team to establish the discharge plan for Mr. Trosack include the physician, nurse, physical therapist, and the registered dietitian. The members of the team have the specific roles and responsibilities. The
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