Discilplnary Approaches as Practiced by Public Elem.Teachers and Pupils Classroom Behavior

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Overcoming pupils’ misbehaviours in public school like Nagpayong Elementary School that is populated of 10,768 grader pupils and with over crowding narrow classrooms composed of a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 60 pupils per class, but its nature is much more difficult backbreaking responsibility to do than other obligations of the teacher and in this situation she should be able to bridge the between discipline and pupils behaviours. Militant, disobedient, socially inadequate and withdrawn behaviours of pupils are disruptions of class and establish a set of problems to public school teachers. As a teachers they claim it a great burden to deal with in their daily lives. Most teachers are claiming that their effort do not to…show more content…
The findings of this study about disciplinary measures will certainly enhance the teachers competence in handling disruptive pupils in class. Likewise the findings will help them analyze what they and their pupils need in order to come up with improved classroom behaviours. For the teachers, this study will benefit them in dealing with even the most unruly pupils in the classroom. It will build a strong teacher- pupils relationship since the teacher utilizes the most effective disciplinary measures in handling pupils with behavioural problems. It will help teachers make plans of actions to handle pupils misbehaviour in the classroom. It will enable the teacher to look at the various types of behaviour problems and ways to deal with these problems effectively. For the pupils who are the ultimate beneficiaries of this study , they will learn to appreciate and feel the importance of proper values. It will enable the guidance counsel or to help pupils realize about personal concerns with the feelings of others. It will lighten the wrote of the guidance counsellor concerning issues of peer relationship. Effective means of discipline will aid the guidance counsellor. It will provide the guidance

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