Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark Essay

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In the gospel of Mark the author not only recounts the actions of Jesus, but also how he relates to two particular groups, his followers and his adversaries. In this paper we will look at how he chose his disciples, what qualities were required for discipleship, how he taught the disciples, and how they measured up to his expectations. Jesus literally calls his disciples to come and follow him. The summary statement is that Jesus "called to him those he wanted, and they came to him." (3:13) Simon, Andrew, James, John, were working as fishermen when Jesus called them. Simon and Andrew left "at once" (1:18) and James and John left "immediately" (1:20) But coming to Jesus also involved leaving other places and things. The four…show more content…
(16:14, 8:31, 9:31 and 10:33-34) Throughout the gospel of Mark there is juxtaposition between large crowds and intimate groups. Although the crowds are important to him, the small groups are the setting he chooses to train his disciples. In chapter one after Jesus baptism he went immediately into the wilderness. Then it oscillates from a huge crowd (33) to a solitary place (35) to crowds (45) to lonely places (45). By example Jesus shows that the energy he expends with the crowds must be renewed in quiet times with his Father. In chapters two and three Jesus seems to always be surrounded by crowds. The friends of the paralytic tore up the roof because it was so crowded. Crowds are mentioned in 2:13, 3:7, 3:20, and 3:32. Chapter 4 begins with Jesus teaching the crowds, but in 4:10 when he is alone with his disciples, he explains the parables. Mark clearly states that Jesus spoke in parables to the crowds, but when he was alone with his own disciples he explained everything (4:34) The same scenario is repeated in chapter 7 where Jesus speaks to the crowd (7:14) but his disciples question him after the crowd leaves (7:17) and Jesus explains to them what he meant. In chapter 5 they are inundated again by the crowds. (verses 15, 17, 21, 24, 27, 30, 31, 37) but it is only with Peter, James, and John present that Jairus' daughter is
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