Disciplinary Process - Report

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Process - Report

Disciplinarily Process


Natalie Dahl


The purpose of this report is to provide the background and reasons why the decisions by Fair Work Australia were made in Sam’s favour. It identifies areas the company needs to address and implement in order to prevent this type of situation from occurring again.

Work History as Sam’s Team Manager
As Sam’s Team Manager I was aware that my predecessors response when dealing with her lacked in encouragement and was poorly handled. Sam is a diligent worker however, due to the company changing programming language to one Sam was unfamiliar with she has been unable to meet specific deadlines.
Time was spent with Sam trying to understand her issues
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The company needs to conduct Monthly performance reviews on all staff ensuring that agenda’s are used and meetings following the reviews are documented and filed according and if poor performance is a topic on the agenda senior management and a human resources specialist is attendance. Decisions made in performance management reviews are to be documented and conducted using the recommended template (see appendix 3)

Should the employee still not meet expectations as agreed upon in Performance reviews the following steps need to be followed and all actions taken need to comply with legislation (Fair work Australia Act 2009 – Small business fair dismissal) as set by Fair Work Australia.

Proposed Company Strategy for Employee misconduct:

The company needs to review its policy on what is deemed as employee misconduct and the consequences of employee misconduct, the review of this policy needs to be done by senior management and the Human Resources Department making sure the policy and consequences are clear, concise and in line with legislation as set by Fair Work Australia.

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