Discipline And Abuse By Ray Rice And Adrian Peterson

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Discipline or Abuse? A Thin Line Revealed

A thin line exists between discipline and abuse, but where is it drawn? Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson are two individuals who might have just crossed it. Most people agree that Ray Rice, who punched his fiancee in the face knocking her out cold, committed a crime. How is it then, that when Adrian Peterson whips his four-year-old son with a switch, it is considered an “acceptable” form of discipline? Throughout this essay, I wish to explore how people often blur discipline and abuse together, reasons why this physical abuse should not be tolerated, and why this train of thought has continued and will continue to affect every generation.

We have all experienced some form of discipline before. For some, it involved confiscating their favorite toy or phone. For others, discipline represented harsh words and bruises. However, physical harm is not discipline at all, but rather it represents abuse. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, discipline is described as, “the punishment of someone as a way of making sure that rules or orders are obeyed.” Many people hear the word “punishment”, and immediately picture some form of physical contact. However, nowhere in the list of synonyms of discipline does it mention hitting, whipping, beating, or any other form of abuse. I propose that the definition of discipline be changed to the act of enforcing a rule or order without physical contact. With this improved definition, there

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