Discipline And Their Effectiveness On Academic Achievement Essay

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Discipline Referrals and their effectiveness on Academic Achievement Introduction Do using discipline referrals as a frequent classroom management philosophy increase student achievement scores? In today’s schools there are many theories about how to effectively handle a classroom. Teachers are given options across the educational discipline spectrum, but ultimately are given the choice about how to effectively handle their own classroom management. One potential step in handling classroom discipline is to write a referral that sends the student to the office. This allows other students in the class to learn effectively. Students witness these incidents and are meant to be afraid. The theory is that this enhances student engagement through fear, which in turn increases students’ academic achievement. In this study, research will be done to identify whether an increase in classroom discipline referrals will also increase academic achievement scores. Various studies in the past have used discipline as a means of studying academic achievement. In the study, Middle School Predictors of High School Performance: A Case study of Dropout Risk Indicators (2016), by McKee and Caldarella, a study was done to identify the indicators of students dropping out. One such indicator they studied was absenteeism in a school. While referrals are the principal variable in this study, there is a correlation between time spent in the classroom and student achievement. McKee and
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