Discipline In Outcast United The Fugees

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Discipline is something we all need, without discipline it would be chaos and nothing would get done. In the book Outcast United the Fugees have to learn discipline and start from nothing. The Fugees defeat teams that are official and have been doing it for years they do this by using teamwork and having respect for eachother. Along the way there are bumps, like when some of there players do not show that they have commitment for Luma strict rules. Without discipline you can not have a strong and reliable team, which is why discipline is such an important piece of the Fugees. Without basic rules you can not have order, especially if you are trying to run a team that has to work well together and beat the odds. Luma contract that she make…show more content…
“ ‘For a while I expected you to be like Jeremiah’. She told him. ‘ Actually you’re a better athlete - but you don’t have the discipline or the respect to play. You don't respect me, and you don't respect the team’. Mandela’s expression remained blank. He didn’t respond. ‘get out.’ Luma told him. ‘Don’t call me coach, don’t ever call me again’” (St. John 219). Luma had to kick Mandela off the team because he was not following the team's rules. For there to be a strong team there can not be player that are not following the rules, and she can not just not kick him off because he is good player. Luma had to be disciplined and stick to what she said even though she lost a good player. Sometimes in life there will be rules that do not always make sense but that does not mean you do not have to follow them. “ ‘prince’ she said. Addressing the Liberian Veteran with a head of braids.’ If your hair is not cut by the first day of practice, you’re off the team’” (St. John, 108). What Luma is trying to do is tell the kids that sometimes in life there are going to be rules that do not make sense but that does not mean you do not have to follow them. She is preparing the kid for the real world because no one is going to help them later on they are just going to have to follow the rules even if they do not make

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