Discipline Investigation At The State University

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DISCIPLINE INVESTIGATION REPORT Prepared for Kaye Sanders LLD 100A Instructor San Jose State University Prepared by Huynh-Tran Nguyen LLD 100A San Jose State University April 13, 2016 INTRODUCTION William Jennings Bryan once says, “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” Our future is depended on what we choose to be and how to get to it. We must stand up and get involve or communicate with the field before giving an ultimate decision. In this assignment, I will investigate the discourse community that I hope to join professionally and understand the broad view of the types of work along with its opportunities. There…show more content…
One of the question I ask her for the interview was what is the current job market in this field, and how quickly is the field growing. Rose states that when she first chose Business as a major, there were many focuses and many people who chose Business, went for either Accounting, or International Business, however, she took a risk and took M.I.S, as her focuses. She stated that M.I.S was not as popular as today and not nearly as competitive. Since technology keep improving and getting better and better, there are many jobs and companies that are looking for M.I.S majors. Many problems that Rose has encounter including having too much expectation, overwhelming projects, and hard to manage her time. However, these mistakes were when she first started, and it is unlikely that Rose will encounter any of these mistakes again. Decision that Rose has to makes are which software is best for the company, and which project is the most beneficiary to the company. Overall, Rose loves her job and she wouldn’t do anything different, she will want to stay with this company as long as possible since she believes that the company will keep improving. Roles and Responsibilities Rose also mention about how M.I.S requires skill in both business and computer and have the qualification of quick thinking and problem solving. Since as a project manager, Rose is in charge of a system that is created to make things easier for the companies and overlooking any problem
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