Discipline Model

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Prevention, from the Discipline Model, located in chapter five of module seven, stood out to me as the most important concept, because it is infinitely better to be pro-active rather than re-active. It is my responsibility to be a forward-looking Airman. I need to diagnose situations to locate future problems, and prescribe solutions before those problems come to light. Otherwise, I would be treating symptoms, never getting to the root of the problem. Correctly applying this concept will save time, money, manpower, and improve the efficiency of my workplace. If I do not apply the concept of Prevention, people will perform below the standard, create a climate of distrust, and brush poor performance under the carpet. I was the loading crew chief for our concert band, and had the responsibility to safely transport, set-up, and tear down over a million dollars in government musical equipment. I required my thirty-member team to wear steel toed boots and gloves when loading our truck, and required them to work in teams of four to do this safely. If I had not taken these measures and held my crew accountable to…show more content…
My feedback and communication will build their trust, and improve their overall quality of work. They will develop pride in their work, because they will exude the core value of excellence in all we do. By modeling this concept, I will influence my peers to set and hold their subordinates to the standard, and gain their trust in the process. I will also build the trust of my supervisors by showing that they can give me a task, and know that it will be carried out to the best of my ability. They will feel more comfortable giving me increased responsibility, and place me in positions requiring more
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