Discipline Of Officer Sporty And The Hell 's Angels Motorcycle Club

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TO: Chief Jordan
FROM: Major Payne
DATE: 05/22/2011
SUBJECT: Discipline of Officer Sporty

This memo presents my review of the multiple incidents involving Officer Sporty’s alleged involvement with the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. Officer Sporty has been employed with the Saint Leo University Police Department since 1991. During his tenure with our department Officer Sporty has been disciplined multiple times for various minor violations of department polices. There have also been several allegations made by other officers that Officer Sporty is involved with Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club.
On 03/01/2011, Lieutenant Dangle sent a department memo, directing all officers not to associate with the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club in sponsoring a fundraiser for suspects being tried for murdering a rival gang member.
On 03/10/2011, Lieutenant Dangle, Officer Butch, and Officer Cassidy observed Officer Sporty dressed in motorcycle gear standing next to his motorcycle in front of a bar where the Hell’s Angles Motorcycle Club event took place. Lieutenant Dangle felt that that Officer Sporty had “obviously participated” in the event.
On 03/11/2011, Lieutenant Dangle wrote Officer Sporty a letter of disciplinary action for his actions which stated he was in violation of department policy 1068.00 CODE OF CONDUCT
Operation Directive 1068.00 states: employees will avoid associations that could impair their independence as peace…

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