Discipline Process For Special Education

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Discipline Process Matthew Trotti
Grand Canyon University: SPD 510

Discipline Process For students with special education it is stated under IDEA that “with regards to school discipline, schools may consider each situation on a case-by-case basis when determining if a change of placement appropriate for a special education child who violates school education code” (Understanding School Discipline for Special Education Students). The discipline process for students with disabilities in the special education program can be a difficult topic for most school districts. This paper will answer questions from the case scenario considering what should happen immediately to Charlie?, what services, if any, are provided to Charlie during his removal to an IAES?, and who needs to be contacted?. This paper will also consider the topic of if a manifestation determination review is held for Charlie answering questions on what disciplinary actions are permissible?, What, if, any, services will be provided to Charlie during the duration of the disciplinary action?, and finally what happens if Charlie’s parents appeal the manifestation determination?.
Case Scenario In the case scenario you have Charlie a 5th grade student with special education services. Charlie is acting out of the norm of how he normally acts in school and is caught stealing software. After being caught and while retrieving his things from class he then threatens his teacher therefore causing him to get

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