Discipline Within The Uniformed Public Services

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Introduction Discipline is important in most aspects of line, discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules and regulations, whilst using appropriate punishment to correct mistakes and disobedience. We use discipline to keep social and working order so that there are no complications. Discipline teaches people correct ways to act so that goals are reached and encourage people to accept responsibility in life. Discipline is not to get mixed up with punishment. Punishment is the consequence of not following rules and regulations. Why is discipline needed within the Uniformed Public Services? Discipline is needed in the Public Services because it maintains safety and professionalism. If the uniformed public services did not have discipline and rules about the way that their employees should behave, then they would be free to do anything, leading to chaos because they will be able to get away with what they want without consequences, also no jobs would not be completed or done properly. Having discipline in the public services enables to present their service with pride to help then to do their job effectively, it supports their job for them to be approachable in the right manor, to interact and build trust. In many uniformed public service jobs, the nature of the job is reflected by discipline, in example HMP Prison Service need to be a disciplined organisation because of the difficult and demanding nature of the work, the prisoners need to be set a standard
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