Discipline and Freedom

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Discipline and Freedom Is There a Relationship Between Freedom and Discipline? Yes. The relationship between these two seemingly opposing forces is one that is strong and interdependent. Often in the quest for freedom people will shun discipline. They believe that being disciplined somehow restricts their freedom. This couldn't be further from the truth. Having discipline of your mind and time brings freedom to you in so many different ways. It takes discipline to achieve the life you want to lead. It is discipline that gives you the "freedom" to take care of yourself and your family on a level that you desire and of which you can be proud. It allows you to live the life you want to live. Discipline frees you from much frustration as you…show more content…
I believe that being disciplined has truly helped me to get through the some of the hardest times in my life and it also enriches my life everyday. Discipline has freed me from fear that threatened to overwhelm me and hold me hostage to a life I wouldn't want or believe in. I know I can make a plan, I can adjust my plan and I can be disciplined to fulfill my life in a meaningful way. Discipline has set me free to achieve the life I want to live. I am free from holding on to what is safe or easy, but is not what I want; because I know I can have what I want. I have kept to my vision and I live my life everyday in a way to honor the things that I believe. To me this is the true definition for freedom, when your life is a reflection of what you believe. If your life is a mockery of your own believes and you are secretly ashamed of your choices, then there can be no freedom. You are imprisoned by your own lack of discipline. The things I believe in for my life, I have fulfilled by being disciplined. As a very small yet important example of discipline in my life, I believe in eating healthy and providing good healthy meals at home. The discipline is this, I know how to cook healthy food, I make a trip to the grocery every week to buy groceries and then I am disciplined to cook those groceries into good meals each and everyday. I buy healthy, cook healthy and eat healthy. It
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