Essay on Discipline of Management

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In today’s competitive landscape, organizations must utilize every resource to its fullest in order to achieve profitability. Peter F. Drucker, who is known as “the founding father of the discipline of management”, informs us that employees are assets, which should be treated as a company’s most valuable resource. The key players involved in utilizing this valuable resource are the managers of a company. Managers have a vital role in a company and the effort they put forth into their tasks and responsibilities will directly affect the success of a company. In Drucker’s book Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices (Revised Edition), he explains the role of a company’s management team and the secrets to becoming a great manager. …show more content…
This mission must take into account and balance the present with the uncertain future. It is an important administrative task for a manager’s mission to strive for the company’s full potential. As Drucker states, “What is the business’s theoretical optimum? What prevents us from attaining it? Where are the limiting and restraining factors that hold back the business and deprive it of the full return on its resources and efforts”? (32). Determining and adapting a productive mission requires a manager to be an entrepreneur, a risk taker, and an innovator. A good company mission is adaptable, and will allow the modern business to survive and perform in a new and unpredictable future.
Once the mission has been determined the next responsibility of a manager is to make the work place suitable for all employees. In addition to stressing that employees are a company’s most important resource, Drucker explains that they are the only one capable of the growth and improvement. Encouraging and helping the employees to be happy will create a more productive and hardworking environment. A manager that meets the needs of the employees will often encourage more productivity, which will result in meeting the needs of the consumer.

Drucker’s third responsibility for management is to realize how the institution is affecting society. Management must recognize that free