Disciplining Your Child Is The Lifestyle, And Parental Guidance

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Nick Davis
Language Arts
Mr. Hance
22 October 2014

Disciplining Your Child

The most relevant point to a childhood is the lifestyle, and parental guidance. It is the whole idea of nature versus nurture. How the parent controls and conducts his or her household plays a factor in how the child develops morals and values. One way for a child to gain moral support is for the parent to be good role model. It is essential for a solid foundation that children are disciplined to encourage acceptable behavior at home and in public. Therefore, children will grow up with morals and righteous values and use their manners to associate with others.
A child’s attitude, actions, and demeanor tell exactly how he/she were raised in his or her household. Depending on how a child’s parent act at home when they are around their kids and by what they allow their kids to learn socially. As a child, bad behavior is learned from observation. Children watch how others interact with each other and if they visualize negative behavior along with conflict, impact their perspective with society. Although society wants children to be respectful and hold responsibility, some children are being taught by the community to retaliate and be disrespectful towards people. In the United States, the most common forms of discipline are spanking, time-outs, and punishments, which provide parents and children with confirmation, security, and order. Children are easily influenced by behavior, and if you…
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