Disclosure Of Abuse In Child Abuse

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Most children will sustain bruises and minor injuries as part of their every-day life. However, injuries that are unexplained or inconsistent with the explanation given should always be investigated further. Some types of abuse can be difficult to recognise as many of the signs can be explained by other causes, such as with a change in family circumstances other significant life event.
All settings that have contact with children and young people must have clear policies and procedures to follow in case of abuse. Staff must be trained in these matters and be prepared to deal with the situation. Those working in child related settings have a legal responsibility to follow statutory safeguarding procedures and guidelines and any suspicions or concerns about child abuse should always be reported without delay.
Disclosure of abuse by a child can occur at any time and it can be a shock to hear the details. The way an allegation is received can be very important in the outcome to a child, even many years later. There have been examples in the past of children not being believed at the time they spoke out about their experience, often resulting in serious problems later in life. Dealing with any aspect of child abuse can be extremely distressing. Many children or young people who live in abusive or harmful situations are in a constant state of anxiety and fear and it can be very difficult for them to talk to anyone about it. Children who have been subjected to abusive situations
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