Disco Di : A Case Study

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Disco Di: A Case Study

Submitted by: Minoo Khatami
Submission Date: November, 30, 2014

This paper will be dedicated to a case study done on Disco Di. The mental disorders that the patient is suffering from, will be diagnosed and analyzed through different perspectives such as its biological and psychological symptoms, plus its social aspects, in order to better understand and treat the disorders on her file.
As it appears on Disco Di’s document she’s currently diagnosed with two distinct types of psychological disorder, first being major depressive disorder, and second being borderline personality disorder. However, the term major depression is only one part of the disorder Disco Di is facing. The type of the disorder in which Disco Di is suffering from, is called mood disorder, and to further narrow it down she’s specifically experiencing what is known as “Bipolar I” that according to DSM-5, is defined as a disorder in which individuals experience cycling episodes of mania and major depression (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Furthermore major depression also in accordance to DSM-5 is marked by chronically low mood which has certain symptoms such as being fatigue, feelings of guilt, and impaired concentration appearing almost every day. In the case of Disco Di, Even though she goes through some of these symptoms, but they are not all the symptoms that she experiences. As it is stated on her document, Disco Di being a cheerful, outgoing 12 year

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