Discouraging High Testosterone Levels

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In a world where we work in cubicles, where violence gets you sent to prison, and where we are required to swallow our pride, to do what we are told. Considering this, you could be led to believe that men are being poisoned intentionally. A conspiracy, that guarantees we conform to their standards, throughout our lives.
Okay, before you dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist, take note that the Soviets were the first to add fluoride to the drinking water, in prisons. They wanted to decrease testosterone levels, and to make prisoners submissive. Considering testosterone is the driving force behind the courage of men, and I seriously doubt the warden had any concern with dental health.

Now that you are ready to commit to a lifestyle that allows for the highest possible testosterone levels, what do you do?
Detoxify First
Detoxifying sounds a lot worse than it really is. There are no enemas, or expensive juicer diets. You just need to consume a form of sulfur, such as MSM, and zeolite. Both zeolite and MSM are fairly inexpensive, and found readily at health and wellness stores.
Zeolite is formed when volcanic ash reacts with the surrounding rocks. This mineral has a regular, porous framework that allows filtering, based on size. This “molecular sieve,” catches toxic substances, with its characteristic structure, and allows the impurities to be excreted, in your urine. All research done on zeolite as a detoxifier,…
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