Essay on Discourse Community Analysis: Basketball

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The Height of Discourse After I watched two hours of intense play and the huddle split, I observed high fives and complex handshakes of some sort. “Hampton on three. Hampton on three. ONE, TWO, THREE, HAMPTON!” They started coming my way; as an ex-basketball player, deep down I yearned for a handshake or some kind of acknowledgment, but I sat there like a fork in the road. Each member parted around me to my left and to my right, some giving head nods and some giving nothing at all. I quickly realized that I was clearly not a part of this discourse community.
One rainy evening, I sat in my house bored as all ever and realized that I had an assignment to observe and analyze a discourse community. So I walked over to Holland Hall and sat
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This team is led by Coach Ed Joyner, originally a native from the DC area and has been the head coach for the past three years. I personally have been a student at Hampton University for five years now, and although there are only fifteen members at a time each year, the presence of the Men’ Basketball team has always been strong. Parties, classroom, student center, the Harbor apartments, the University Café – these all being places where I have had contact with Hampton Men’s basketball team members. At times they can be a bit intimidating because of the fact that they walk in packs, not to mention their height. If you calculate the heights of all the members, the average comes to 6’4; Way above average to the common student. This is one example of why it can sometimes be easy to spot out a member of this discourse community.
Along with height, I noticed that the team shared a common language; this varies on the court and off the court. “PASS, SHOOT, YO, UP TOP, BANG BANG, COOKIES, GIVE ME THAT, YOU CAN’T POST ME, HUDDLE UP!” These all being words that I personally heard throughout their competitive play on the court. I think the average person can associate some of the words such as,” Pass, shoot, and up top” to basketball when heard together simultaneously. But other words such as, “BANG BANG, You can’t post me, Yo, and up top” may be harder to decipher.
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