Discourse Is A Discourse Community

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Discourse Communities are everywhere but we just don 't realize them. You 're even part of a few on a daily basis. The definition of a discourse community that was provided in the “Discourse Community,” article by Schmidt and Kopple states, “ it 's a group of people who share a ways to claim, organize, communicate, and evaluate meanings”. Basically it’s where two or more people concentrate their attention on the same issue or idea. For example, a place where you work is a discourse community. All of the people working there have a similar style of communicating, thinking, evaluating issues, and lastly the methods they use while they 're working. There is more to a discourse community than just two individuals or more sharing similar focus. A discourse community can differentiate from each other, as stated, in the article by Schmidt and Kopple saying, “ people from different discourse communities often differ in their fundamental beliefs about reality”. Basically they are members of different discourse communities that have a disparate views on actuality. This can be influenced by member 's education 's, views, beliefs, and what they are concerned about as Schmidt mentioned, “different discourse communities also often differ in what they study and in what they are concerned about”. Which can lead to exchange in ideas between two discourse communities. Another difference that is created, “focus on different aspects of the same object or general phenomenon” Schmidt argues.
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