Discourse Markers and Their Functions in Khorramabadi Variety of Lori

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The aim of this article is to investigate the frequency of DMs in the speaking of two groups of teenagers and adults. Two groups of teenagers and adults were randomly selected to this aim which their age ranges from 20 to 23 for the first group and 27 to 30 for the second. The selection of the participants was based on the point of comparing the frequency of the use of DMs between the group of teenagers and adults.

INSTRUMENTS The instruments applied in this study were clearlyan audio recorder by which the speakers’ voice was recorded in a high quality for more and precise investigation concerning the use of DMs. This audio recorder recorded the voices of native participants in a high quality which anybody can hear any elements in the speakers’ voice. The participants in this study were not required to speak in a routine conversation like an interview; accordingly their speaking was recorded spontaneously. The participants were only required to retell the short story as they were telling the story for a child.

Every participant of the present study was given a short story and also a specific period of time to rehears the story and then retells it. In this way the participants did the job and retold the story individually. Their voice was recorded and investigated several times by the researcher for recognizing the frequency of DMs usage in their speaking. In this study 20 participants’voice when they were retelling the short
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