Discourse On Religion

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Throughout history, humans have practiced their wide ranges of beliefs and spread their religious views and it has become intertwined into our daily lives. We see it everywhere we go and with the media today it can be so easy to share our views of religion but also give a negative connotation to others. Public discourse on the media, especially talk shows on the topic of religion can cause heated debates as everyone is trying to prove themselves right, but without scholars of religion to keep in check for misconceptions and offer a new fresh perspective. Media has made us aware of our surroundings and other perspectives but at the same time it will also cause us to be ignorant and create negative connotations of words like Terrorism and Muslim to become interchangeable with each other. Newly invented religions don’t draw much attention to the media due to its sheer size but when group suicides take place, then it becomes a media frenzy. Public discourse on religion can be an argument of baseless information, informative or shed light on a new perspective.
Everyone interacts with some form of media today such as watching the news on the television or reading the newspaper. On this one particular segment on August 6th, 2013, this talk show called The Five, Andrea Tantaros criticizes Obama for declaring in his Presidential address to the Boston Marathon bombing as a coming to a close on the “War on Terror”. She asked, "If Al Qaeda is on
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The talk show hosts in the Five made groundless arguments about Muslims because no one was scholar of religion or had information back by one in Muslim religion Religion public discourse can be a hot topic of debate when people of different religious views or even backgrounds engage in debate, it all boils down to whether or not he or she can make a better argument over the
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