Discourses Surrounding Those With Disabilities In The Media

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Discourses surrounding those with a disability have undeniably evolved within the past century, [also leading to] an evolution in the portrayal of disabled people in the media. Whereas once, people with a physical or intellectual people were depicted in film as …. , modern media has now sought to portray this minority group in a more positive light, as strong and independent figures as opposed to “freaks” and a burden on society. This essay seeks to address how the media is not only influenced by discourses surrounding this minority group but also the influence it has in how we perceive those with a disability in our society, drawing on specific examples in film and television. [Evidence from numerous studies involving a variety of different media indicated that disability is indeed a common topic and a topic that needs to be addressed in our society. …show more content…

It is estimated that 15% of the world’s population experience some form of disability, with the prevalence being much higher in developing countries . As such, it has been the case that this group repeatedly becomes the subject of [the media]. The depiction of the disabled in the media plays a key role in society’s perception of what it means to be disabled and is a reflection of the shifting discourses assigned to this group throughout

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