Discover Your Strength And Execute

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Discover your Strength and Execute We live in a world, where people are busy focusing on each other’s weak spots. Today’s societies are revolving around fixing our weakness rather than focusing on our strength (Rath, 2007). According to research, it has been discovered that people progress more when they invest their energy to build their strength rather than fixing their weakness (Rath, 2007). Gallup, the writer of the book says the book strengths finder actually measures our talent, not strength because the goal is to help us find our true talents and build them as our strength (Rath, 2007). In the book strengths finder 2.0, the writer talks about 34 most common talents which help us find the areas where we have the greatest capacity to develop our strengths (Rath, 2007). All 34 themes can be our greatest strength if we apply in a right way in right time. In this paper, I will be talking about mainly three strengths that I chose from the book to apply in nursing career as well as in my daily life practice. Three talents that will help build our strengths are focus, empathy and responsibility. Focus, is when we set goals, we must stay on track with timelines and measurements (Rath, 2007). Because, staying focused is very important as a leader in order to achieve our goal. Staying focused means we need to set a clear destination because focus is a powerful theme where it helps us to filter our goal and instinctively make us to decide whether that action will

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