Discovering New Disease Every Year

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Isn’t it weird how so many new diseases are created every year, and some are even impossible to detonate? There are many different kinds of diseases that deal with the different types of organs in our body, there are the common ones then there are the not-so common ones. We have many different types of diseases from sexually transmitted diseases to generic disease that we didn’t have before. There are many diseases that target a certain organ such as “Chronic Liver Disease” which leads to “Cirrhosis”, which targets the liver. In addition there are also other diseases that cover other organs such as the brain like “Alzheimer’s Disease” or even “Rabies”. In addition there are also diseases that aren’t really noticeable or predicted easily such as blood related things, this includes “Diabetes” both type A and B and also “Gestational Diabetes”. Furthermore, diseases tend to have different impacts to the human body, some may be temporary while some may be treated to control them, yet they can be treated. There are up to more than a billion diseases in the world, and we still have plenty more to discover, and one disease that can be deadly is Chronic Liver Disease. Chronic Liver Disease is a disease that destroys liver cells, and replaces them with “Scare Tissue”, which is a tissue that connects to the organ and creates a scar. In addition, Chronic Liver Disease has multiple stages, the final stage of Chronic Liver Disease is “Cirrhosis” moreover, cirrhosis damages and destroys
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