Discovering Obstacles Hindering College Graduation

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, of the students seeking a bachelor's degree at a four-year university, on average, only 59% of them graduate within six years. It is unfortunate to note that even with the extra two years, students still struggle to persist through graduation, due to numerous hindering factors. Hence, the issue of college success now lies within the central realm of scholarly research, with numerous scholars applying previously known psychological theories to education, including Kurt Lewin’s force-field analysis model, Abraham Maslow’s need reduction theory for motivation, and the self-efficacy and attribution theories. Together, these theories have provided a framework to discover
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Hence, students must learn to properly nourish their bodies with a nutritional diet, enough sleep, and limited intake of alcohol or dugs. Next, students must feel both safe in regards to financial and personal security. Financially security is often what both dormers and commuters alike struggle with, and often take on 20+ hours of work (a damaging effect on school work), or have no gaurantee of being able to afford to come back to school the next year. Also, students learn in college and enjoy their time there if they feel safe enough to explore the campus and walk at night, or use the bus. Hence a low crime rate should be necessary. Thirdly, belonging means students feel they have close friends and family to talk to and be accepted by both at home and on campus. In this sense, it is easier for dormers to find friends on campus, but get more distances with those back at home, while the opposite is true for commuters. However, if both make an effort to get involved in groups of their interest on campus, and keep in touch with family and friends back home, they can overcome these struggles, although it may be difficult at first due to the big campus size and busy schedules. Once the basic needs are met so far, students must feel a sense of self-worth and achievement. They need to

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