"Discovering Success As An Online Student," By Jessica

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"Discovering Success as an Online student," By Jessica Glaze Becoming an online student is not always an easy decision, but sometimes the best decision. A lot of people have very busy lives such as having a family, full-time job and/or other priorities. I myself had to tend to family and a full- time job, so online classes were the best decision for me. I was initially a traditional student, so I became accustomed to a classroom setting. Within making that tough decision, I did not know that my approach to learning needed to be different from a traditional student. Like some people, I was nervous and hesitant to take online classes. I had doubts that I wouldn’t be disciplined enough or have the motivation to learn through online…show more content…
It meant that I had to learn to be more independent as a learner (Online Learning). Being independent means I was responsible for getting things done on time and not waiting until the last minute to get work done. I also had to learn that learning requires researching for the information and not expecting it to be given. I had to learn that first, you have to learn to find the answer, and then if you are stuck its ok to ask for help from you instructor or classmates (Davis). College and online classes is an exploration, you have to explore your options as a student. Another key factor to succeeding as an online student is getting rid of all distraction ("Online Learning "). I learned that it is very important to put the phone, log off social media and incorporate studying during free time. It is very easy to spend hours on entertainment and wasting time that could have been spent on doing class work. I spent a lot of time procrastinating than studying. I kept telling myself that I was too busy or I will finish later, which would put me farther behind. I also had to isolate myself from everything else during study time. Being a parent or staying in a home full of others, it would be best to study during sleep time. I like to study while the house is sleeping, in the early mornings or late nights because I am able to get more work done with fewer distractions. Additionally, most online students also struggle with
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