Discovering The Underlying Causes Of High Poverty Rates

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Discovering the Underlying Causes of High Poverty Rates in Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan is known as the wasteland city where every street corner has homeless people, condemned buildings, violence, drug deals, boarded homes, and poverty. Poverty in this city is at an understandably high rate with all the negative aspects stacking up against it. In 2003 alone, a third of the population of Detroit was living under the federal poverty line (Grengs, 2007, p.348). Detroit was not always this mess of a city it is now, but when what is referred to as the “disaster of Detroit” happened, no one lifted a finger to help. Instead, people accepted the fact that Detroit was what it was. Many Americans, “’are unconcerned. . . . Eight out of ten, more than anywhere else, believe that though you may start poor, if you work hard, you can make pots of money. It is a central part of the American dream’” (Herron, 2007, p.667-668). Although Detroit, Michigan has one of the highest poverty rates in America, it is not entirely because drugs, money, and violence, but rather through a constant lack of support this city receives. This paper examines high poverty levels in Detroit, Michigan and the underlying causes. The abandonment of Detroit by its own residence and the government led directly to its downfall. “’Today Detroit is America’s forgotten city.’ Or at least forgetting is what most Americans hope will happen to Detroit and all it stands for, an uncanny place that only looks like a city
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