Essay on Discovering the Relationship Between the Law and My School

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Discovering the Relationship Between the Law and My School

Grand Canyon University EDA-555

August 8, 2012

Sitting down to chat with any lawyer proves to be a difficult task unless of course you are paying them. This was the case when attempting to complete this assignment as well, as our school lawyer represents several schools in the area and he was busy working with another school. Instead the questions were asked of our school principal, and our school superintendent over lunch during an in-service day. The answers given were very open and direct, and valuable insight was gained from the view of the writer. The Sidney Community School District is located in Fremont County in Southwestern Iowa. The federal district court for
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With proper documentation, common sense, and data based decision-making the threat of being sued should not be a cause for panic, yet it must be considered due to the nature of the way society works at the moment. In every position of leadership one is going to always run into those who disagree. Being a true leader is not a popularity contest, rather it is making the best decisions in every situation for the betterment of each student and for the school system as a whole. If, as a leader, you always do what you feel is right, and you document everything accordingly using data to drive decisions, and properly apply school policy and procedures in every situation the threat of a lawsuit, while not being diminished, is not anywhere near as stressful. The legal system does not view a large difference between private and public schools. Both are treated essentially the same with the obvious exception of prayer in school, the religious teachings in a private school, the private school not being “free”, etc. It was the view of the administrators interviewed that the differences between public and private schools is shrinking due to the litigious society we live in. It is also thought that the differences will begin to become even more minuscule, as the government wants to keep all schools on essentially the same page. In terms of who has the ultimate legal control over the disposition and
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