Discovering the Relationship between the Law and My School Essay

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Discovering the Relationship between the Law and My School Attempting to obtain information about the district lawyer was harder than I thought. Not lot information was provided. According to the administrators usually in an elementary setting are not so common encounter litigations. Because I was not able to contact the district’s lawyer, the administrator assist me answering some of the questions presented here. The relationship between the law and my school are base in basic standards as curriculum adoption, testing and establishing standards, free and appropriate public education, determining where students can attend school, but nothing as a big litigation against the school. Also, it is addressed the differences in legal framework …show more content…

The national government has much power but not as much as has the state government on state residents (Marchant, 2003). The federal government has more control when it comes to national issues and the state when affairs of states. One of the key ways that the federal government uses to influence policy at the state and local level is the distribution of funds (Marchant, 2003). Congress authorizes millions of dollars in grants to states and establishes rules for how they should be invested well decide the level of control they have over these states federal funds.
Although the balance of power between the national government and the states has changed over the years, the federalist system is a fundamental part of the U.S. government (The White House, 2013). The states sponsor important programs to fund education, help troubled cities and provide social services. At the local level, the municipalities control a number of other services and regulations, but never fail to be in collaboration between the national, state and local governments. The constitution was put into place to support and defend the basic right of civilians of the United States (Marchant, 2003). Although the Constitution does not refer to education, operation and management of schools is made, particularly with respect to amendments to protect individual rights of students, faculty and staff. With these set laws into place to hold our country

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