Discovery of a Capsule from the 1960s

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A capsule from the 1960s was discovered two days ago near Washington D.C. Will opening it be a trip in the past or will it be filled with nostalgic nonsense? The capsule is opening, there is a large banner inside it saying "Welcome to the 1960s", and underneath it are three boxes that seem to be handcrafted: one can almost feel the passion that this container's builders put into it. The first box opens and there is a simple rock inside of it, this making me and my colleagues express disappointment regarding the capsule. However, there is a note under the rock, it says: "Please take care of this rock, it might not seem like much, but I brought it from the Moon and I promised our natural satellite that humanity is going to return it one day (Neil Armstrong). It's time for the second box and a song starts to play as it opens. I think to myself: Wait a minute, I know this song, it's "Good Vibrations" from the Beach Boys. Last but not least, the third box opens. There is a bullet inside of it. It is also accompanied by a note saying: "I hope that you will never get to use this and that you don't even know what to use it for (Anonymous American soldier)". While consequent to opening the first box the groups was inclined to consider that the capsule is a farce used by someone to simply play games with people's minds, the message it contained played an essential role in making us understand the importance of our discovery. These objects were practically put inside this box with
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