Discrayination And Employee Discrimination

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Researchers have shown that employers discriminate against blacks in a number of ways as there is little oversight to the hiring process. Blacks are more likely to be stereotyped than whites, whether it be because of a “black sounding name” or the “lightness or darkness” of their skin. Years of discrimination have led society to believe that whites are smarter than blacks. The median income for whites has been considerably higher than that of blacks for decades. Additionally, blacks are often offered lower paying and less desirable jobs in addition to inadequate benefits such as investment and healthcare options. This cycle has remained consistent over time. The attitudes of bias and stereotyping affects the decision making of employers. Employers may even engage in discriminatory practices and not realize it through their hiring practices, testing requirements and organizational policies that may single out or have a greater effect on certain races. Additionally, researchers have found that on average, white job applicants get roughly 30 percent more callbacks for employment than black applicants. The American economy holds its place in contributing to the wage gap among blacks and whites. Blacks in America have struggled for generations to climb the economic ladder and have had a consistently harder time than whites finding jobs. Weak job creation has caused increased unemployment especially among black workers in comparison to whites. The shift from
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