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Coal is a fossil fuel like oil and gas. Fossil fuels are all formed out of organic matter deposited, decomposed and compressed, storing all the carbon involved under the earth's surface for millions of years. Some of the advantages of coal are - * Easily combustible, and burns at low temperatures, making coal-fired boilers cheaper and simpler than many others * Widely and easily distributed all over the world; * Comparatively inexpensive to buy on the open market due to large reserves and easy accessibility * Good availability for much of the world (i.e. coal is found many more places than other fossil fuels) * Most coal is rather simple to mine, making it by far the least expensive fossil fuel to actually obtain…show more content…
Coal slurry (a mix of rock and coal products left over after the mined coal has been treated for use as a fuel) is a severe environmental problem around coal mines. The slurry itself is a semi-liquid, and is generally stored in a pond or small lake near the mine exit. The slurry contains a whole host of nasty chemicals, mostly benzene relatives and derivatives, and is categorized as low-level toxic waste. Storing is a significant problem, as it has a tendency to leech into the local environment, contaminating groundwater and nearby croplands. The major problem is that the volume of coal slurry is quite high, relative to the amount of usable coal produced. Improve answe Nevada is shaping up as the battle ground for a decision on the future of electric generation in the United States. But it’s not nuclear power and Yucca Mountain being debated this time. Instead Nevada is at the center of the debate over coal-fired power plants, which provide about half the nation’s electricity. Are EPA coal emission standards strict enough? Three new plants are proposed for the Silver State, and environmental groups say their effects would be deadly to both the environment and to human health. They also say the tide is turning against coal, as evidenced by the 59 coal plant plans canceled, abandoned, or put on hold last year - despite a resurgence in coal plant proposals earlier this decade. They also point to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s outspoken opposition to new coal
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