Discretion Of A Police Official Essay

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By accepting the role as a police official, you have to use discretion. Discretion is defined as the availability of a choice of options or actions one can take in a situation. Discretion involves making a judgement and a decision to your best ability. Police discretion is exercised by performing the following actions: arresting; stop, question, or frisk; the use of physical and or deadly force; the documentation of traffic summons; investigating a crime; reporting a crime; and using certain enforcement tactics such as moving loiterers, warning, and etc. Discretion is exercised to enforce laws and maintain order and protect life and property. The use of deadly force might be considered one of the ultimate uses of discretion. If it is required depending on the situation, an officer must make a split second decision on whether to apply deadly force. The law requires police officers to use deadly force in situations where the suspect is armed and may pose a threat to others in the community; considering the David Winesett case as an example. On December 6, 2015, the suspect of a bank robbery was shot dead in Miami Beach by the police. Winesett was reported trying to rob a Bank of America and made a terrorist claim of him having a bomb in his possession. When the police captured him, Winesett was wielding a razor at police officers who were trying to calm him down which resulted in him getting shot. Winesett had escaped from the Riverside Christian Ministries halfway house after
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