Discretion in the Criminal Justice System

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Discretion In The Criminal Justice System

Discretion is the eminence of once behavior or the way of speaking in order to avoid any offensive occurrence or speaking up any private issues or information in public. It is the self-determination for someone to choose or think what should be better to be done in particular circumstances. Especially for a judge, a public official or other private party has the authority to make decisions on any legal matters or other big official subjects. Thus, a person who is authorized with the power of discretion often thinks about how to apply the given supremacy.

In the criminal justice system, discretion is often performed by the police, prosecutors, judges and juries, correctional officials and
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He then called his former partners and accused them that they were lying he even resigned from his work without permission and said that he got his permission from his supervisor. Since, his guiltiness was not as grievous so the Judge gave him a thirty day suspension. According to the California Court of Appeal, the trial judge later accepted the petition for Norton and recalled his discharge. There were no sufficient proves that would go against Norton, that stated that he told the ill person to go and hang herself. It was purely a suicidal attempt. He later was told not to work in the mental illness department as the jury thought that this kind of behavior or situation might happen in future. And that it would be serious issue for the public. Thus, this case above shows the standard use of discretion through evidences.

Discretion of the Court is the system of the court that governs individuals those who are charged for committing crimes, examine the time of their trial and other during major purposes of trial. A person who accused of committing a crime is normally is held in the jail till the time it is proved that whether the person is guilty or innocent. However, the court has the authority to bail out the person before the trial. But they would need certain documentation and that the person cannot leave the place until the trial takes place. Sometimes the person who is accused may also need to pay some fines or
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