Discrimination Against African American Race

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Discrimination against the African American Race Brian Barracks Social Psychology Dr. G. Austin Abstract Discrimination against African-Americans has been going on for many decades. Many African-Americans are still suffering from the effects of this. Many people who discriminate do not bother to analyze the damage that this is causing. Many African-Americans are suffering from stress problems, mental health issue, and some suffer from chronic stress. This issue has escalated for many years now and instead of it getting any better it is taking a turn for the worse. Introduction There are many types of discrimination that exist in U.S. society, but the most common type of discrimination is towards African-Americans. Even though we think that discrimination of race has been extinct for many years there is still discrimination in our everyday lives. Discrimination in an African-American’s life leads to high stress levels, which then in turn leads to physical and mental health problems. These health issues effect the lives of the victims as well as those of their family members. When people are being discriminated against on a daily basis, the victim’s self-esteem is lowered. Many African-Americans who get discriminated against can have mental health problems or have low self-esteem. African-Americans who experience discrimination report lower levels of personal well-being, lower levels of mastery, and higher levels of psychological problems
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