Discrimination Against Blacks Or Races Of Darker Skin Tones

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In other words, discrimination against blacks or races of darker skin tones is a learned behavior from an early age and results in the ignorance of thinking anyone with skin of a darker tone is unwanted in society. Over generations, it is clear to see that society portrays people with darker skin tones to have negative images which leads to low self-esteem. Low self-esteem then leads to social skills being hindered due to the fact that an individual feels insufficient or senses they are viewed as a threat. Social anxiety, depression and the loneliness have all been linked mental health issues that derive from perceived social exclusion due to race. These social exclusions are introduced in institutional settings and is not a result of …show more content…

More often than not, what is given is not an adequate system made for the success of these minority individuals. Deficiency of equal opportunity in institutional settings has been linked to perpetuate the circumstances of feeling inferior. An inferiority complex is then developed, stemming from feeling a lack of self-worth, and being doubtful or uncertain that an individual does not measure up to standards. The foil of an inferiority complex is outlined as a “superiority complex” which is defined as a psychological defense mechanism that conceals feelings of inferiority by acting superior. The unconscious emotional processes disrupt the person’s ability of cognitive learning and overwhelms their mindsets of being incompetent.
Physical health of a person has been linked to be directly impacted by racism and discrimination. Residents of highly segregated neighborhoods have less access to a range of services provided to them in that city. These services include, health clinics for regular check ups, good quality grocery stores for fresh meat and produce, and parks or facilities for recreational use and exercise. “African Americans (or blacks) have an overall death rate that is 1.6 times higher than that of the white population. Elevated mortality rates for the black compared to the white population exists for eight of the ten leading causes of death” (Williams 180). The top three leading causes

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