Discrimination Against Homosexualsandafrican- Americans

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Discrimination against homosexuals and African- Americans both entail feelings of shame and pain for the victims. Back in the 1960s, homosexuality and being an African American caused people to look down on you. Racial segregation was in full swing, with the black population being victimized, brutalized, and essentially being considered second class citizens. Being a homosexual during this time also meant that society would shun and also consider you as a lesser human being. James Baldwin (1924–1987) was an African American writer, novelist, and playwright who also happened to be homosexual. An imperative social context to point out would be the lack of opportunities for the black population along with an accumulation of criticism.…show more content…
Instead of self-evaluating himself, David chose the convenient path of being married to a woman he doesn 't even love without much of an internal fight. The social construct of racism also forced affected individuals to choose a path which is convenient or even safe from all the brutality. The Fire Next Time is a narrative which is composed of two essays. In the first essay, Baldwin is writing a message to his nephew and young African-Americans in general describing and evaluating racism from a personal viewpoint in America. The essay is meant to educate his nephew with the practice of compassion and patience in these horrible times which endorse this social separation due to misconception of inferiority. James Baldwin offers an analysis of the causes of racism, why the concept has perpetuated in the United States, and how African -Americans can positively bring an end to it. A term which was used was the "Negro Problem," which was used at the time to describe the severe racial tension. As the reader progresses into the work, several relationships are analyzed by James Baldwin. Through each of these relationships, James Baldwin emphasizes how these individuals choose to live conveniently and in power falling to the status quo. The second essay describes Baldwin’s personal experience growing up in the Harlem Ghetto, which

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