Discrimination Against Teenage Girls In School Dress Codes

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Discrimination Against Teenage Girls in School Dress Codes
Dress codes in middle and high schools are a form of discrimination against teenage girls in today’s society. Parents and students all over the country argue that dress codes are directed mainly at girls and are a blatant example of gender inequality. The idea behind the strict enforcement of a dress code is that it will teach self-respect and raise moral standards for the students. However, when the reason for many dress code violations is questioned the rationale is often to prevent distracting the male students. Young women across the country are being shamed and punished for wearing what schools consider immodest and being a distraction to their male peers. This discrimination against female students results in their clothes being strictly regulated and dress coded more often than male students’ clothes are. The enforcement of these discriminatory dress codes has become a form of public humiliation for female students. Theoretically, a dress code makes sense and should be effective. In reality, it does not affect how students dress but causes a distraction and interruption of a girl’s education.
Today’s fashion trends, such as leggings, yoga pants, shorter skirts, booty shorts, form-fitting shirts, and spaghetti straps, have sparked controversy in schools. They have been banned from a great many. In my school, leggings, shorts, skirts, yoga pants, tank tops and off-the-shoulder tops were banned for girls. This

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