Discrimination Against The Older Population

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During the retirement module in class we talked about the discrimination against the older population. One main idea many people have against the older population is their ability to work or do anything physical after they retire. Once we talked about this in class, I began to think about how wrong this idea really is and question why everyone around me thinks this about them. I never have thought about it like this before. This sparked my interest to look deeper into the question of why it is harder to get a part-time job after someone retires? As we saw in the video we watched during class, there are many benefits to working part-time after you retire and many people are capable of doing so. This keeps them busy while keeping them…show more content…
He talks about how the American Culture is “obsessed with our age,” (Eisenman, R. 2001). Here in America we portray older adults as fragile, slow, or forgetful, but in China, they are raised being taught that they are wise. Many people in the work place do not see older population in this way, especially during the hiring process. It is a part of the cultural background that we see older adults negatively. Most of the time we may not even realize we are thinking this way. Eisenman also points out that most available jobs are assistant jobs (Eisenman, R. 2001). Once a person retires and they try to get a part time job, the employer sees them as being overqualified for a job that is a step down from what they have been doing and succeeding at for most of their life. He talks about how employers may think that an older person may not be happy enough in a lower ranked job, that he might leave the job quickly, or that they would not be able to pay him enough money to please him (Eisenman, R. 2001). These thoughts are not true. People that retire may be looking for something that’s less time demanding but something that is still a part of their passion. In this case, they would enjoy this opportunity with less pay and a lower job rank. Additionally, Eisenman points out that no one can prove that an older person would not stay at an assistant job no longer
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