Discrimination Against Women In US Divorce Law

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Discrimination against women has always been a part of history. Women were not treated equally because of gender and their highly expected roles. They were not entitled to the same privileges as men and if they were, their advantages were very limited. Male dominance was very common and extremely favored. It brings us back, during the transition of agriculture, where women were responsible for gathering food to survive and sustaining their communities. Men were mainly responsible for hunting. Women learned how to care and nurture crops; that allowed for a foundation to grow on and expand their knowledge in relation to their future duties. Yes, women in the past were treated differently against, occupation opportunities, legal discrimination…show more content…
As reported by U.S. Divorce Law; assets, earnings, properties and belongings are not divided equally but are divided fairly amongst the two, in most situations (U.S. Divorce Law). Sometimes it is also necessary for them to agree on separate terms for the divorce with approval from the court and judge, to prevent altercations between men and women in the future with one another (U.S. Divorce Law). The violence and marriage or divorce laws are used to settling a dispute between men and women without causing one particular side in retaliating…show more content…
They were not able to hold possession of any type of land given or purchased for them. If property was given to a woman by her husband, she was not allowed to keep it in the South and East Asia society (Laws of Manu, Document 4). Also, according to Laws of Manu, a wife, son, and slave were to have no property at all and it belonged to who the money came from, if anything was earned (Laws of Manu, Document 4). It was unfair that women were not allowed to take part in any type of ownership and everything belonged to their husbands or men in
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