Discrimination Against Women in Turkey Essay

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Throughout history, in every region of the world, there has always been discrimination

between genders. Regardless of the culture or economic situation, women have always been

dominated by men. Domination by the male sex can be caused either by our nature or culture.

It is hard to point to only one cause, there might be several and they require several solution.

The most definite solution is education of course, but it needs time to reveal itself. There must

be something to done for the ones who unable to get an education. In order to make adults

awake of the problem, the media also can be used. This essay will argue that, to prevent the

discrimination between genders both education and media should be used.
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Many women are better informed

thanks to this company and now they know what to do when they face same problems again.

Also the campaign is supported by many foundations, artists and singers. Thirteen Turkish

women singers including; Sezen Aksu, Nazan Öncel and Şebnem Ferah recorded an album to

support the campaign. Although the campaign has helped so many people, it is not a

permanent solution. A permanent solution for discrimination against women would be

informing the one who is responsible for it. Since it is not possible to affect men by that kind

of campaigns, indirect power of media is an alternative way to reach that mass. For instance,

there are hundreds of series and movies going on TV each day. The attitude towards women

on those programs should be in a way that incents men to be more modern or celebrities could

be used as role models. The media could be used effectively in many different ways to help

both genders in this situation.

In the east part of Turkey, girls are only allowed to go elementary school or they do

not go to school at all. They are not allowed to make decisions for their own life. Their

parents make decisions instead of them, even choosing the person that they going to marry. It

is a tradition in the east part of Turkey and if someone does not educate these girls, they are

going to treat their own
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