Discrimination Against Women 's Rights

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Alexandra Heck Contemp Perspectives Raju Parrakkal 13 October 2015 Women’s Rights Discrimination against women has been a phenomenon for centuries, lack of women’s rights and equality is a long overdue issue that needs to be abolished. The need to make a concrete connection between human rights and women’s rights is ironic considering that one half of the global population is female (Hawkins 1). Gender inequality is the pressing current human rights issue, including disparities in education, employment, healthcare, power and decision-making, violence, and poverty that impacts billions of women and girls from every part of the world throughout their lifetime (UN Statistical Division, 2010; UN Women, 2011a). The United Nations has extended efforts for growing global rights effort to compensated the deeply rooted gender inequality (Hawkins 1). This paper addresses gender based inequality and current global human rights initiatives focused on women, and action taken by women and human rights defenders (Hawkins 1). While human rights violations can affect all groups, including women (1), “women’s issues” are not the same as “gender issues,” although the terms are often used interchangeably (1). In its annual report, the UN Population Fund note that gender inequality works to the disadvantages of both women and men through impeding the growth of individuals, the development of countries, and the evolution of societies (UN Statistical Division, 2010, UN Women, 2000). Women’s
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